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A Message from The Chief of Police

12/14/2021 8:52:00 PM

A Message from The Chief of Police

It is no surprise that theft numbers go up during the holidays. The police department would like to remind the community this is not a time to slack on keeping your online orders safe.

Unfortunately, some people would rather steal than do their own Christmas shopping. And when people get brand new merchandise delivered to their front porch it makes it pretty inviting to thieves.

There are several ways to help protect yourselves. Try having a package delivered to your neighbor who will be home or have them pick it up after delivery. Consider having packages delivered to your work if you employer allows that. You could also consider a package receiving service or require signatures for deliveries. These are just a few tips to help guard yourself from becoming victim and fend off those looking for a quick score. And as always, make sure you report any suspicious activity or persons.

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