Frequently Asked Questions


Aluminum and vinyl windows are not allowed in Westwood Hills.

No, permits are not required for tree removal on your own property.  However, the stump must be ground below grade.

Yes, permit applications for both interior and exterior work must be sent to SHPO for review, even if your house is a non-contributing structure.

No, you do not need a permit or your neighbor’s permission to paint your house.

No, you do not need permission from your neighbors to replace your roof, but you do need a building permit to do so.

It can take up to sixty days for the SHPO to review applications.

Westwood Hills currently uses the 2003-I codes.


No farm animals, including chickens, are allowed to be raised, grown or maintained in Westwood Hills.

Pitbulls are allowed as pets.  Westwood Hills pet ordinances are non-breed specific.

All rental properties need to be registered with the City, and the property owners must obtain a rental property license prior to allowing a tenant to occupy the property. The annual cost of a rental property license is $100.00, and the property must pass an exterior inspection prior to issuance of the rental property license each year.

Cars may only be parked on one side of each street, with the permissible side varying among the streets.

Yes, you can pay your citation or traffic ticket online! Visit the Westwood Hills Municipal Court online to make your payment. 

Yes, please see section 8-203 of the City’s ordinances. 

PODS or other temporary storage containers cannot be parked or left upon any public property within the City.  The container may be parked on any private property within the City for a period no longer than five (5) days, without first obtaining a permit to do so.

A permit is not required for a garage or yard sale.

Dogs and cats need to be registered with the City.  There is no charge to register your pets.

Yes, Ordinance #276 is the City’s NDO.  A claim of discrimination can be filed using the downloadable form.

A resident must apply for and obtain a home occupational license from the City.  The annual cost for a home occupation license is $25.00.

You can make the request by filling out the Open Records Request Form.

The City Council meetings held via Zoom are recorded.  You can find the recordings on the City's Google Drive.

Voter information can be found online with the Johnson County Election Office.

No, you must get approval from the SHPO prior to starting any work, and you must obtain an approved City building permit prior to commencing any work.

  • Radios and other electronic equipment are not to be heard on adjoining property from 11 pm - 9 am (all days).  
  • Machinery and construction equipment are only allowed from 8 am - 8 pm Monday through Friday; from 8 am - 6 pm on Saturday, and from 10 am - 5 pm on Sunday.  
  • Lawnmowers/Lawn equipment are allowed from 8 am - 8 pm every day.
  • Barking Dogs - It is a disturbance of peace if the dog is barking for more than two minutes during the hours from 7 am to 10 pm or for more than one minute during the hours from 10 pm to 7 am.

Find the entire ordinance here Chapter 10, Section 602

Street parking is not allowed during a snowstorm and for 24 hours after a 2 inch or greater snow.

Find the City ordinance, Chapter 11, Section 308 here.

Visit our Helpful Numbers page for more information.

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the creek on their property.

Homeowners are responsible for all trees located on their own property.


Dues provide for trash collection and for City-wide social events (Spring Egg Hunt, 4th of July, Fall Annual Meeting and Social, and Holiday Tree Lighting with Santa Claus).

The Homes Association (HOA) contracts these services with GFL Environmental. Check out our Trash Information page.

Yard waste is collected every Monday from April through December.