Stormwater information for the City of Westwood Hills Kansas including Stormwater Management Plan, Annual Report, and Stormwater Permit

Stormwater Information

The Stormwater Management Plan was created to help reduce the discharge of pollutants in stormwater runoff within regulated areas of Westwood Hills, Kansas. It outlines stormwater program activities, monitoring requirements, and responsible parties for implementing this work. 

Stormwater Management Plan

2023 Stormwater Annual Report

Stormwater Permit

Ordinance 291 Adopting APWA 5600 and MARC BMP Stormwater Manual

MS4 Draft Permit

2023 Stormwater Inlet Cleaning Photos

2023 Stormwater Cost Share Program
The City of Westwood Hills encourages individual homeowners to incorporate Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) on their property to aid in the improvement of local and regional water quality.   At the same time, the city encourages planting native plants and trees to support the natural ecosystem and provide food for pollinators like bees and butterflies. The BMP Cost Share program will reimburse applicants up to 50% of eligible expenses, not to exceed a project reimbursement cap for the proper installation of the following best management practices:
Project Type              Project Reimbursement Cap
Rain Barrel                 $75 per barrel, up to two
Native tree planting    $150 per tree, up to two
Rain garden/pollinator garden  $1,000 
Go to for more information and to complete the application.

In June 2023, The City installed a demonstration Rain Garden on the south side of The Green (pictured below).