A page of the city programs offered by Westwood Hills, BMP Tree Program (Native Tree Planting Program), find info at Contain The Rain JoCo

City Programs

Contain The Rain JoCo (BMP Tree Program - Native Tree Planting Program)

The City received a grant in 2023 from the County to encourage residents to plant new native trees, rain barrels, and rain gardens.  Prior to any work being done, the homeowner must submit an application to Contain The Rain, describing the project.  If a homeowner's application is approved, the City will reimburse half the cost of the tree, up to $150.00, and a 50% match, up to $1,000.00 for the rain gardens, with a maximum of one per household. There is a limited amount of money, and first come, first served.  All projects must be installed by October 31, 2023, and documentation must be received by November 30, 2023.

More information can be found at Contain The Rain JoCo
To fill out an Application 

The City installed a demonstration Rain Garden on the south side of The Green (pictured below).